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Food Delivery and Takeout in Medicine Hat

For all your food delivery and takeout needs in Medicine Hat, you can rely on us. At Hat’s Restaurant, we understand that life gets very busy and you won't have time to sit down in a restaurant. No need to worry. Take a look at our takeout menu. We offer a wide selection of Chinese dishes that can be easily packed up and carried or delivered home for your convenience. 

When you choose us for your food delivery in Medicine Hat, you just have to sit on the comfort of your couch to grab your food and have a delicious meal with your loved ones, friends, and business clients. One of our favourite dishes includes Cantonese chop suey. It’s time to order your food from Hat’s Restaurant. Call us today.

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Best Chinese Food Ever!

“The Chinese food at Hats is amazing. We live out if town but come to Medicine Hat to visit family. While we are here we order from Hats Restaurant at least 2 times if not more! Got to get our Chinese food fix while we are here! The food is fresh, hot and tasty...we order take out and the delivery has always been punctual with a happy delivery person. Wouldn’t get Chinese food anywhere else!”

- Caithn

Delivery Services

We charge $6.00 for in-town and $8.00 for out-of-town delivery.

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